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About the Indy Morgado Cancer Foundation
Founded by the daughter and family of a firefighter cancer victim, the IMCF is a network of firefighters , firefighter families, cancer survivors and mentors, and volunteers dedicated to offering support to fellow fire department members in need no matter the form. Our goal is to prevent any family or family member from feeling alone when dealing with a cancer diagnosis or any other job-related illness. The IMCF is ever growing everyday just as our firefighter family grows. The IMCF network continues to expand through the comfort, support, strength, hope, and compassion provided by its volunteers and members of the “department” family it creates everyday. 
 The IMCF works in conjunction with the Firefighter Cancer Support Network to offer education and awareness of cancer through a variety of health programs and resources. We also provide a support system of current and retired fire service members as well as volunteers to help those families in need whether it be patching a hole in the roof or referrals for the best local businesses. The IMCF also offers positive re-enforcement and comradery through events and gatherings that bring families and survivors together. 
Who was Indy Morgado
I will give you the short version of what Indy, I, and others believe caused him to 
pass on in the prime of his life. Years ago the fire department had a contract with 
Jackson Memorial Hospital to do our annual physicals. Indy got his annual 
physical that year and was told that everything was ok. About eight months 
passed and Indy was in Mount Sinai Hospital for an operation. He was given a 
routine chest x-ray and was told he had a mass behind his sternum, which turned 
out to be Hodgkin’s disease. When I went to visit him that night he told me about 
the mass behind his sternum. We talked it over and Indy asked me if I would go to 
Jackson Memorial and get the x-ray from his last physical. I got the x-ray and 
found a note attached to it saying “do a followup, mass behind the sternum.” 
Jackson Memorial never told Indy. The treatments for Hodgkin’s disease worked 
and Indy felt fine and was back working for the department. As time passed, Indy 
started to feel like something wasn’t right and after seeing a doctor he found out he had leukemia. He fought a valiant battle against leukemia and had it in remission. At that time, I had serious medical problems as well and we shared our thoughts on our medical issues and reminisced about the past. Indy called me one morning and gave me the bad news; the leukemia was back. The news was not good and as we talked, we both shed tears. The time passed slowly and Indy was back in the hospital, never to come home again. The day he passed family, friends, co-workers, and anyone who knew Indy Morgado, lost one of the best men that was ever born on this earth. He will be missed but never forgotten. 

Dominick Barbera 
Retired Lieutenant 
Dade County Fire Department